DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, April 30, 2012

We’re Still Alive and Kickin’ Part 1

You know…one thing about a blog is that you pretty much have to keep up with it or find yourself so far behind that it’s impossible to catch up.  So that’s the point that I find myself. 
I have no excuses and offer none. 

Truth is, I’ve had so much fun the past few months that I simply haven’t taken the time.  So here I am again to try and piece together a little of what we’ve been doing the last few months. 

After spending some time around the home territory and our great families for a while in September and early October, we started making our way toward Mission, Texas, which was to be our winter haven for six months.  We had decided to also take my car since it wasn't that far from home and it would come in handy for a six month stay, so I followed along as DeWayne pulled the fifth wheel.

We spent the first night south of Dallas on I-35, which was uneventful, then made our way on down to San Antonio the next day where we met up with friends and spent two days.  That is where we met Dann and Pat. 
corpus, halloween, etc 028
We had just missed them in South Dakota, so we were anxious to meet them finally.  They were heading to Mission as well, along with Snookie and Bob and us.  We all managed to get into my little car (Pat volunteered to ride in the back, poor girl) and we took in the river walk once again.  We’ve been there several times, but love it every time.  Unfortunately, I lost my pictures from our excursion and a few others when I had to do a partial restore to my computer.  So I have done what any good friend would do…..I’ve gone to Pat’s blog and hijacked some of her pictures from the event.
There we all are.  Pat, Dann, DeWayne, Me, Snookie and Bob.  In all our splendor. That white glare behind us is the Alamo, but here is a better shot of that:
A couple of pictures from the River Walk:
I love this place!  And I want to make it back to San Antonio around Christmas this year.  I hear it’s breathtaking with all the Christmas lights.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  After eating a hearty meal at “Rita’s”, we made our way back toward the parking lot and ran across this place:
We didn’t pay the fee to go inside (DeWayne and I had been before), but we paused to get our mug shots beside the “fat lady” and the “tallest man”.  Hmmm…..I just THOUGHT I was fat, hehe.
We weren’t aware that “tall man” would sometimes get tired and sit down, but we found out when he started moving and scared the bejeebers out of us.  Are my knees really that knobby? 

That’s about the sum of San Antonio.  After two nights there, we all hit the road toward Mission, Texas, but DeWayne and I wanted to make another stop in Corpus Christi to see friends there.  So we were to arrive in Mission a day later than the rest of the convoy.
Our friend Cynthia was working when we arrived in Corpus, but husband Danny came right over when we got the RV set up, and visited for a while:
corpus, halloween, etc 002
Later, we all went to their house and had a great meal.  We couldn’t stay late since we had to hit the road the next morning, but we try to spend time with Danny and Cynthia every chance we get.  We certainly enjoy their company.

The  next day, we made our way toward our final destination for the winter, “Mission Bell/Trade Winds RV Resort” in Mission, Texas. 

I’m going to have to break this all up into more than one post, so I’ll stop on this one and continue our journey in a new one (part 2).  Who knows how many posts I’ll end up with, but what the heck.  It’ll be what it’ll be, right? 


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