DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We’re Still Kickin’

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but it’s been a whirlwind since we arrived home.  The reunion weekend was busy, fun and a great success.  I think it’s been around 15 years since all us girls were home at the same time, along with our spouses.  Almost all of our kids were here along with most of their kids, so we had a crowd.  There were also other kinfolk from both sides of the family, so I think the official count on Saturday was 78.  We have TONS of pictures between us all, but I’m gonna keep it simple and include us girls with the folks:
Kenny's (3)
There was so much food!  The tent worked out great for the big meal, then the inevitable domino games, card games and poker.  The weather wasn’t too hot but the humidity really high, so we had a “sticky” day.  I was just glad the sun didn’t pop out or we would have roasted.  Sister Sharron (far right) is always the one to bring entertainment for the kids at any family gathering and she certainly didn’t disappoint for the reunion.  The kids had a blast!
My Pics (12)
But the best part was just being together with all our loved ones.  Even cousin Kenny came all the way from Roswell NM along with his wife and it was so good to visit with them!  Here they are with Daddy:
Kenny's (6)
Kenny's (7)
I’ve listened to folks all my life that complain about getting together with their families and how there’s always a fight or squabbling going on and I’m always a little surprised because my family is the exception.  We just have a good time and enjoy each other.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  We’re too busy having fun to get into petty squabbles.  I’m proud of that and proud of my family….if you can’t tell already.  :)

All too soon, the day was over but many stayed over until Sunday and most all of us got right to work getting things cleaned up, taken down and put away.  Beds had to be stripped, food had to be organized, the “kid stuff” had to be dismantled, tables and chairs loaded up and returned and the tent taken down.
After Reunion Pics 056
After Reunion Pics 072
Then the “goodbyes” began so there were lots of hugs and a few tears here and there.  Most were heading home to their jobs and it was all over way too soon.  Now it’s a week later and we’re STILL trying to eat all that food.

DeWayne left on Tuesday for Oklahoma City to spend a few day with his family and I stayed behind to get the carpet in the RV shampooed and some much needed cleaning and organizing done.  Tommy came to visit Thursday since he wasn’t able to attend the reunion and it was really good to visit with him.  His girlfriend Shanece came with him and I always enjoy her too.  I only regret that I didn’t get their picture while they were here.

Later that evening, Daddy knocked on the door and said something about a rainbow, so I grabbed the camera and went out to see.  He was right, it was beautiful!
Rainbow and twins 003
Rainbow and twins 005
And of course, I had to get a picture of the clouds too!
Rainbow and twins 006
Ginger had taken Kevin’s twins home with her from the reunion, so she brought them back last night and the three of them spent the night with me.  I was glad I had cleaned the carpet since we had to make a pallet on the floor for the boys.  We had such a good time.  They played and kept us entertained.
Rainbow and twins 012
Rainbow and twins 013
Rainbow and twins 020
We looked at all the pictures on my computer of our travels and they loved it.  I thought they would be really impressed when I showed them the pictures of the Chesapeake Bay and all the big ships, but they informed me that “Their Daddy had the fastest boat”, which by the way is a small fishing boat.  And if you can’t tell, they both have chocolate muffin all over their faces.  Yeah, Memaw spoils ‘em just a little bitty bit…….

Kevin came to get them today and Ginger left to go home, so it’s been eerily quiet all afternoon and evening.  DeWayne will be coming home tomorrow and I’m glad.  I miss him but I’m glad he has had several days to enjoy his family and he was able to install a new A/C unit in his Mom’s house for her.
We will be going through all our “stuff” again the next couple of days to weed out the unnecessary and lighten our load since we’ve had a chance in our travels to figure out what we do and don’t need and have eliminated some already. 

DeWayne has been gathering supplies that we do need while he’s been in the city and I’ve done a little of the same, so we’re close to being ready to hit the road again. 
We think we may be leaving as early as Tuesday, but time will tell.  Our journey will take us north for the next few months.  First destination is Racine Wisconsin to sister Sheila’s house for a few days, maybe longer.  Then we will turn west and make our way toward Washington state.  We’re both getting excited and anxious to get back on the road and see what we can see. 

So I may not post again until we are on our way, but I will try. 

That’s all that’s news worthy, so I’ll sign off once again and wish you all……HAPPY TRAILS!

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  1. Looking forward to living vicariously via "Round 2" of your travels. I have so always wanted to see Washington, and especially Seattle!

    Glad the family reunion was a great time for everyone! :) ~Susan