DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Long Trip!

I was up at 7:30 this morning, ready to get everything secured, packed up and ready to move on down the road.  We weren’t leaving til around noon, so I had plenty of time to leisurely get breakfast out of the way, fix a lunch “to-go” for both of us, pack the ice chest, do the dishes, take down the Kincaid and all the knick knacks and lamps and put away, then attach all the various bungy cords, etc.  There’s an endless list of “things to do” when getting ready to pull in the slides and hit the road. 

By 11:00, I was ready and DeWayne was outside filling the fresh water tank, unhooking all the various hoses and cords and getting the truck hooked up to the RV.  We were trackin’, by george, and were ready to pull in the slides by 11:30, lock the door and go. 

Only that didn’t happen, and here is the culprit:

Gateway at Great Falls 001
Try as we might, the living room slide just wouldn’t cooperate!  As you can see, it would slide all the way in at the bottom, but the top wouldn’t.  We worked it back and forth for a while to no avail, so we started calling service places to see if we could get it worked on today and we could be on our way.  All two of the places in town were booked up for days or weeks, but we were given the phone number of a guy that does service calls.  Nope, he was booked up too for today, but could be out in the morning at 8:30 to take a look at it, but couldn’t come on base, so we moved the RV slowly to the other RV park that is just outside the main gate of the base and set it all back up for another night in Great Falls. 

So we’re tired from our trip today…..all two miles of it! 

This is the RV park that we came to when we arrived in Great Falls a month ago, but it was full, so we went to the one inside the base.   They are both run by Malmstrom Air Force Base, but the one outside the gate is newer and was put in to handle the demand for RV space during the summer months.

And it’s nice!  What a delight to have a pull-through space that is perfectly level concrete for a change.  And it’s a pretty place with lots of thick green grass. 
Gateway at Great Falls 002
Gateway at Great Falls 016
A month ago when we arrived here in Great Falls and we planned to stay in this RV park, and on Snookie’s suggestion, I had made a special effort to buy carrots to feed the horses that are next to the park, but when we couldn’t get a space here then, we just ate the carrots ourselves.  So today, I finally had an opportunity to feed the horses, but once again, I had cooked the only carrots we had yesterday. 

Oh well, the carrot thing was out since we didn’t unhook from the truck for our stay here tonight and couldn’t go buy any, but it was just as well.  I walked over to the fence to visit with these beautiful animals and they didn’t give me the time of day.  Only one was curious enough to watch me, but didn’t offer to come over to the fence to visit.  Maybe it was my breath, ya think? 

They were good enough to let me stand at the fence and look at them, so I won’t complain.  They even let me take a few pictures, which I thought was good of them.  :)
Gateway at Great Falls 010
Gateway at Great Falls 011
Since I wasn’t well received, I moseyed on back to the RV to see what DeWayne was up to and found him cleaning out and organizing the cargo hold of the RV.
Gateway at Great Falls 018 
Gateway at Great Falls 020
Gateway at Great Falls 019
After my stroll, I settled in at the picnic table with a good book for a while as DeWayne finished up his chore.  When it started getting a little late and chilly, I opted to give up the book and go inside to throw together some hot dogs for a simple supper. 

The weather was gorgeous today and although we didn’t get very far, it’s been a really nice day.  The weather is supposed to turn cold and wet tomorrow, so I’m really hoping the repair guy makes it out here early and gets done pretty fast so that we can (once again) be ready to pull out and hit the road around noon.  Then we can still make it to Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada by the 19th and be ready to watch Dancing With The Stars on the 20th.  I’m so ready for the new season!

Well, that’s all the news and I’m ready to start getting ready to hit the sack in a little while.  Hopefully, we will be making tracks tomorrow and get a few pictures along the way.  I’ll post again when I get a chance, but in the meantime……..


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  1. I hope the slide gets fixed, fast and cheap! I'm anxious for DWTS too. Survivor started last night and I watched it.