DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Butterballs,Footballs and Snow Balls

We arrived here in McAlester, OK on Friday to find an empty Famcamp except for one other RV, so it wasn’t hard to pick a spot to park for the next month.  It didn’t take long to get everything set up again, and other than a slight glitch in the electric that DeWayne was able to fix, everything went smoothly. 

Ginger works here on the base, so she came over for coffee as soon as she got off work and I’m looking forward to lots more of her visits for the next few weeks.  Nothing like having a daughter close by, especially is she’s your best friend.

One of the first things I noticed while getting the RV set up was a flock of turkeys in the distance outside the bedroom window, so I grabbed the camera to get some pictures.  Unfortunately, I had to use the zoom lens and I didn’t hold the camera still enough, so the pictures were a blur. 

Yesterday started out windy and cold and we worked on getting the Direct TV set up while I kept an eye out for wildlife.  I just knew that when we moved here, the deer would be hanging around the Famcamp like they are around the main road, but so far, I’ve been disappointed. 

Thankfully, the squirrels are plentiful and active, so I did get a couple of good pictures from the bedroom as they played on the trees.
Deer and Jana Snow Ball 006
Deer and Jana Snow Ball 007
And I played with the zoom lens a little.
McAlester arrival 014
McAlester arrival 012
We planned to watch the OU/Nebraska game with Ginger and Curt at their house and I promised to cook a pot of homemade soup to eat during the game, so we went early.  And Jana was getting all dolled up for the “Snow Ball”, the winter equivalent of a prom here in McAlester, with boyfriend Phillip, so we wanted to be there in time to see them before they left for the evening.  They both looked really nice!
Deer and Jana Snow Ball 046-1
Jana has grown into a beautiful young woman, but it seems like just yesterday that she was just toddling around and had Memaw wrapped around her little finger.  But she’s still "Memaw’s girl”, no matter how old she gets. 

I’m getting ahead of myself, so I’ll back up a little.  We loaded the camera and the soup “fixins” into the car and headed toward Ginger’s house and as soon as we got to the entrance to the Famcamp, I had to grab the camera out of it’s case since there was a flock of turkey right there!
Deer and Jana Snow Ball 009
And as soon as we turned onto the main road, there were all the deer that I’d been watching for.
Deer and Jana Snow Ball 011
Deer and Jana Snow Ball 012
Deer and Jana Snow Ball 013
I sure hope they will venture into the Famcamp once in a while so I can get some better pictures.

Ginger and I made a run to Wal Mart, then beat a path back to her house to get the soup and cornbread started before the game and we settled in to watch football and eat comfort food on a cold winter evening.  Love it! 

It proved to be a good game, so we weren’t disappointed, and of course OU won!  By the time it was over, we were getting pretty tired, so we called it a night. 

Now it’s a lazy Sunday here in our cozy little home.  We have leftover soup and cornbread to eat, so I won’t be doing any cooking today.  I think it’s gonna be one of those days of watching TV, playing on the computers and chilling out in general.  So I’ll shut up and get busy “chillin”.  Stay tuned for more of our stay here in McAlester, but in the meantime……


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  1. Those were nice pics and you will figure out the zoom soon enough.The camera that I have has an anti-shake selection on it.DOes yours??
    I would love to have that recipe for corn bread ...
    Staysafe and warm as we are getting snow up here today looks like we are to get it all week. ABout 6-8 inches per day...
    Your Typical Winter in Ontario Canada
    Can't wait for more pictures.