DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Arrivals

We knew that we would have a new grandson by the 17th, if not before, so we weren’t really surprised to get a phone call early on the 14th from DeWayne’s youngest son Kevin.  They were at the hospital and Tricia was in labor.  So I jumped out of bed (DeWayne was already up), got my shower, some breakfast, packed our duds and we were off to Norman. 

We arrived to find that Jonathan Kale had been born at 11:58 a.m., weighing 6 lb., 2 oz.  And what a beautiful baby boy his is!

Here is “Gramps’” first glimpse of his new grandson as Dad and big brother Jaxon look on.
Let me tell ya.  This little guy didn’t have a care in the world.
new baby 003
And here his is with his mother, who looks tired, but smiling.
new baby 026
And more of our newest little star of the family…
new baby 005
new baby 007
new baby 008
So whadaya think?  Isn’t he a handsome little guy?  We think so, of course.

We spent the night and visited the hospital again on Saturday before taking care of errands and heading home.  We can’t wait to see more of little Jonathan and get lots more great pictures.  Congratulations Kevin, Tricia and Jaxon!!!

One of our errands involved something we had been discussing, which was to get ourselves a cat.  We both, especially me, miss having a pet and we have heard that cats are better for the travelling lifestyle than dogs, so we decided to adopt our own kitty.

We found “Bentley” with granddaughter Carlie’s help at Petsmart.  Thank you, Carlie!  We wanted a younger cat or kitten that would adjust better to our lifestyle, but I was also looking for one with a very laid back personality.  I didn’t want to get one that would be hiding out all the time and afraid of it’s shadow.  And I wanted a calmer cat to lessen the chance that it would be traumatized by a moving vehicle. 

Out of all the cats that we saw, Bentley was so laid back that we had to ask the clerk to go inside and wake him up so we could get a better look at him.  He was so pretty and only 8 months old, so we asked to hold him and check out his temperament. 

This little guy was so lovable and cuddly!  And he was so relaxed and purring up a storm that it was unanimous.  Carlie liked him, DeWayne liked him, and I was already in love.  We asked Carlie to suggest a name and Bentley was her first suggestion.  We both liked it too, so it stuck.  We made out the adoption papers, gathered up all the kitty supplies (litter box, food, litter, toys, bed, carrier, etc.) and headed for the checkout. 

I’ll have to say that we spent more to bring home a cat than my hospital bill was for the birth of my first born.  My how times have changed!  But our little Bentley has a clean bill of health, all his shots and is fixed already, so the price of the adoption was a bargain at $65.  Where the real money came in was for all the supplies! 

Anyway, we think he was worth it and I was so pleased that he rode in the car like a little trooper. I even took him out of the carrier for a while and he just lay in my lap and purred. 

After the trip home, we had to leave him in his carrier for a while til we got the litter box assembled and ready to go, but once we opened the door and let him out into the RV, he just acted like he had been here forever.  Not skiddish….not nervous….didn’t run and hide.  In fact, he was a busy little guy for a while just taking it all in, playing with his new toys and having dinner.

It had been a long day for all of us, so off to bed we went…..all three of us.  Bentley settled down drifted right off……until….

About 4:30 in the morning, it was play time!  And he wanted to play with DeWayne (he never bothered me at all).  So the ritual began….walking around on DeWayne’s head, playing with his feet if they moved, then back up on his head…

Needless to say, DeWayne had to get out of bed earlier than he had planned and when I got up after a great night's sleep, I found DeWayne nodding in his recliner and Bentley sound asleep in his lap.  Best buds.
Bentley 007
Bentley has taken his place in our little family like he has always been here and has made himself right at home.  He’s lovable and sweet, then in the blink of an eye, he’s into something and in trouble.  I think it’s safe to say he will be lessening the boredom factor in this household.
Bentley 012
More Bentley 003
More Bentley 004
More Bentley 007
All pooped out and snoozing In his bed…
More Bentley 014
And napping in DeWayne’s chair…..
More Bentley 001
DeWayne took Casey out for ice cream today after school, so he wanted to come and meet Bentley, but Bentley was still in nap mode.
More Bentley 002
So we are now a family of three in our little home.  And loving it!

That’s all the news for now.  Stay tuned for the latest news and the latest antics from Bentley.  And in the meantime…..



  1. Congrats on becoming grandparents again and becoming Parents again. Bentley is so pretty. I can see lots of fun being had by all, especially by you and DeWayne. :)

  2. Congrats on the new Grandson. He's so sweet!

    I can see you love your new kitty. He's quite a little doll. We used to have one that looked like him. His name was Little Bitty Kitty (LB for short) and he was also a doll.

    As a long time owner of cats and also an Rv-er...let me give you some advice. If you've read my blog lately, you'll see why I am telling you this.

    Cats can do just fine strictly indoors and in my opinion are much safer. If you decide to take him out on a leash he will get a craving to go outside and dash out the door whenever he gets a chance...and they can be quite fast! If he never goes outside, he won't do that (hopefully) so my recommendation is to keep him inside all the leash the windows..they can pull screens open. They will hide in the most unusual places.

    Our very fat cat gets inside the bedroom slide when its' pulled in and hides in the platform under the bed. There is about 3 inches that this 18 pound cat manages to get through! Always know where he is when you retract the slides.

    My recommendation is to put him in a kitty carrier when you travel and never take him in the car without him being in a cage. Believe me, they can and do get loose!

    We found our kitty (thankfully) after his escape but we really didn't expect we'd ever find him! I can see how much you love Bentley and I don't want you to have to go through what we did...or him to go through what our Noogie did!

    He's a beautiful kitty and he seems so sweet. No wonder you love him so much!