DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Friday, January 28, 2011

Staying Put For A While

The weather has been beautiful here the last couple of days and the forecast, at least until next week, is for more warm weather and sunshine.  Love it!

We’ve been really busy doing whatever suits us at the moment, so I can’t say we’re very tired.  It’s been fun to get acquainted with Bentley and watching his antics as he thinks the entire RV is his playground.  He is getting the message to stay off the kitchen counter and he has selected his favorite toys and favorite nap locations.  Mr. Bentley has made himself at home.

He likes the big window in our bedroom and loves to settle in on his cushion to watch the squirrels, the birds, and the ever present turkey and deer.
Deer & Bentley 057
Such a rough life, don’t you think?  Poor Kitty.  He tends to want to stay in our bed after we’re up and around.  I end up having to make him move so that I can make the bed. 
Deer & Bentley 048
And when it’s time to change the sheets, Bentley thinks the circus has come to town.  Have you ever tried to make a bed with a cat chasing the sheets or anything else that moves?  Let me tell ya, it ain’t easy.  He’s quite the little clown. 

But he’s equally as lovable.  He loves to cuddle up in our laps and sleep or snuggle up close and pat my face with his paw.  Here we are relaxing in my chair.
I’ve noticed a lot more deer lately that are a lot closer to the RV.  I guess we’ve been parked here long enough that they have accepted us as part of the scenery. 

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken lately from the windows of the RV.
Deer & Bentley 008
Deer & Bentley 010
Deer & Bentley 020
Deer & Bentley 022
Deer & Bentley 034
Deer & Bentley 042
I’m still watching for the cougar that frequents this area, but with no luck.  I’m still hoping to see it again and get some pictures.  Ginger said it was a gorgeous cat when she saw it just up the road from the RV park, so I’d love to get a good picture.

We had planned to make the trip to Arizona and stay there until Spring, but we both have family members with health issues going on, so we’ve been hesitant to get back on the road.  And there’s another reason.

Ever since my three month stint in the the hospital, I’ve had problems with sitting for very long at a time.  And I wasn’t looking forward to another trip in the truck on my “butt pillow” that doesn’t really help much.  So I decided I’d had enough and made an appointment with a local Chiropractor to see if he can get me straightened out.  I’ve had lower back problems for years and I’m used to frequent discomfort, but this “pain in the butt” is a whole other thing. 

So I made my first visit today for the evaluation and initial adjustment.  Wow, I didn’t realize just how much my lower back has been bothering me until after the visit.  It felt wonderful! 

Now, I’ll be going back for ten more adjustments, if it takes that many, but I feel confident that by the time we hit the road again, I can retire the “butt pillow”.  Now I’m just asking myself why I waited so long. 

That’s all the news for now.  We’re seriously thinking about a day trip to Hot Springs to get a nice long soak in the mineral springs and a good massage.  Not sure when we’ll do it, but I’ll keep ya posted.  Until then….



  1. So glad your back is a bit better and the results are cumulative.
    Mr. Bentley sure is a pretty kitty. I hope you see the other kitty again before you leave. Speaking of leaving, wait till spring and head east. Sure would love to see you.

  2. I to am glad that youback is feeling better..
    Hot springs you say hmmmmmmm I would love that right about now.
    Those deer are pretty for sure. And Mr Bentley looks like he is a very much loved cat not spoiled one bit.
    Like Tracy said above you could always come North I would love to see yous got your pass port yet??? YOu could alwayas rent a skidoo here and go on some amazing trails... Stay safe and stay warm..
    (p.s.) We have about 4 feet of snow and are to get almost another 1 1/2 feet by Thursday.. That ther ground hog and me are going to have it out as it looks like he will not see his shadow this week due to snow flurries... ARGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!