DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, May 10, 2010

18 Days And Counting....

It's getting down to the wire and we're getting excited.  It's been a while since I posted (yeah Snookie, I took the hint), so I've decided to stay up all night if I have to and get an update posted.

DeWayne has his lengthy to-do list made out on paper and I have mine in my head.  That's the difference between he and I.  He wants everything planned out neatly and I fly by the seat of my pants.  What is it they say about "opposites attract"?  But we're totally in agreement when it comes to pulling out of here and heading east for our first official "full-timer's trip". 

I've been slowly but surely going through drawers, cabinets and closets to weed out the extra baggage that we don't need to haul around with us and working on getting what we DO need arranged and tweaked.  Such things as putting a screw in to hang that pesky funnel on that we use to re-fill the coffee creamer jug cuz it's always in the way, no matter where it is.  You know....those little things that drive ya crazy til you get em fixed?  Even tho we are a year overdue for this retirement, it's been good to have time to actually live in the RV a while to know about all those pesky little details that need addressing before we head off into the wild blue yonder. 

Who knew that my treasured bread box that I refuse to part with would be replaced by a toaster oven that is an absolute necessity?  And the ironing board that I was determined to take with me?'s in Daddy's barn and will stay there when we leave.  Wash and wear will have to do from now on.  See how much smarter I've become?  By the way, I still won't part with the bread box that my son bought for me when he was in junior high and my daughter repainted for me a few years ago.  But I've grown to live with it tucked safely away in storage for a while. 

Giving away my two "babies" (miniature schnauzers) was hard to do, but I was smart enough to know that hauling two dogs around that are as rotten as they were wouldn't be conducive to a full timing lifestyle.  But I found their registration papers in the storage shed, so I took them by to the new owners and was able to see Prissy and Junior in their new home.  They were so spoiled, happy and well adjusted that the visit left me feeling so much better and knowing I did the right thing.  Here is a picture of the "babies" last Christmas:

Prissy and Junior

Since my last update, we were busy getting ready for yet another garage sale here at the folk's place.  We only had a washer/dryer to sell and an area rug, but the folks had tons of stuff, so we set the sale for last weekend and prayed the weather would cooperate.  This time of year in East Texas if iffy at best and you never know when thunderstorms will pop up and ruin any occasion.  There was the threat and we actually had some rain on Saturday morning, but it stopped in time for us to get everything set up and ready to sell.

Step mom (Eula) and Dad (Art)

Notice Eula's pretty flowers in the foreground.  I've spent a lot of time admiring all her beautiful gardens full of luscious flowers this year.  She definitely has a green thumb and it shows.  It has been a great year for the azaleas and she has Iris of every color you can imagine.  Naturally, I've taken lots of pictures, so I'll share a few.

I hope you enjoyed the sampling of all the pictures I've taken.  I don't think we could find a more beautiful place to spend the Spring months and it's been great, but we are so ready to see places we've never been to before and experience all the wonders of these United States.  Can you tell I'm getting excited?  Surely not....

DeWayne gave his official notice last week and bought a set of Calloway golf clubs the same day, complete with bag and a new pair of golf shoes, so I know where he will be spending a lot of his time, wherever we go.  I don't golf, but might be persuaded to drive the cart once in a while.  I'll just take the camera and shoot the scenery while he whacks that little white ball around.

The office is running pretty smoothly lately, so I haven't worked much the last month or so.  Once in a while I'll get an email with "help!!" in the subject line, which is my cue to come running, lol.  That doesn't happen often and I will be attending the board meeting for the last time this week.  I feel good about the office and confident it is in good hands.  They do have a shelter for abused women, so I was able to bless them with all the women's clothes that didn't sell in the garage sale, so that was a good thing.  Shelter clients often arrive with only the clothes on their backs, so clothes that are new or in good condition are always welcome. 

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with cards, emails, calls and text messages from the kids.  I went to Ginger's house for the weekend while DeWayne went to OKC to visit with his mother.  Ginger cooked a yummy roast with all the fixins on Saturday, then biscuits with sausage gravy for Sunday breakfast.  Yummmm!  She presented me with the most beautiful necklace which is a heart with the phrase " a mother holds a child's heart forever" engraved all around the heart pendant.  Am I spoiled or what?  Thank you, Ginger, Kevin and Tommy for making my Mother's Day very special.  I love you all!

Oh, I almost forgot to post another "puppy" picture.  Here's another sample:


I promise I'll do better at keeping the blog updated.  Now that we're down to the wire, there will be much more to write about as we prepare to leave in just....

18 more days!

In the meantime.....Happy Trails to all!

Joy and DeWayne

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