DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Hoover Queen!

My goal for the week was to get all my shampooing done after I retrieved the shampooer from the barn in DeKalb.  I love this machine!
We’re a team, my Hoover and me.  I started with the RV a few days ago and it took no time at all to get the carpet all fresh and clean again after six months of living.  I thought my little black and decker vacuum would be adequate for keeping the carpet clean, but after seeing the muddy water that came out of the shampooer, I’m realizing that the vacuum is barely picking up what’s on the surface and not any deeper.  So I’m going to be shopping for a regular vacuum cleaner that is smaller and more compact than a full size, but does a good job.  And cheap!  Any suggestions?

DeWayne had several places to go yesterday and errands to run and the weather was pretty.  I asked him to drive the truck so that I could shampoo the carpet and seats in the car, which didn’t take long.  I had already vacuumed it pretty good and it wasn’t very dirty.  Two down, one to go!

I knew DeWayne was driving the car to Lawton today to play golf with some old friends, so I tackled the truck this morning.  It had been a while since the nasty thing had even been vacuumed, and the carpet had six months of grime ground into it, so I spent two hours vacuuming and shampooing, but it was worth it.  All clean and smelling great again!

So, all my shampooing projects are done…..BUT……

The shampooer is NASTY!  I’ve had this machine since right after DeWayne and I married and it still works great, but after 10 years of cleaning the Schnauzer-treaded carpet at the sticks-n-bricks home and all the vehicles and, of course, the RV, the thing looks positively GROSS!

So, now I have a new project……Shampooing the Shampooer.  Say that 10 times really fast, I challenge you. 

Anyway, I’m off to find a screwdriver to take off all the parts I can and get to work.  After all, my faithful Hoover has worked hard for me and deserves a bath.  Not to mention it will bother me til I get it cleaned up.  I don’t mind a little dirt, but GROSS is another thing altogether!

We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and I’m really looking forward to cooking the holiday favorites.  That’s about all the news for now, so I think I’ll get started on the Hoover.  Stay tuned for more “exciting” news from Oklahoma City, but in the meantime…..


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