DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amargosa Valley, Nevada

We pulled out of Fallon NAS yesterday morning around 8:00, earlier than we had planned, but the day before, DeWayne noticed a nail in one of the RV tires, so we got an early start to get it fixed before we hit the highway. 

It didn’t take long to get the tire fixed and we were on our way by 9:30 with just a little over 300 miles to cover for the day.

The scenery was much the same as we have seen for the last month, so I didn’t take many pictures along the way.  I was able to get this picture with my telescopic lens since we were temporarily sitting still at road construction.  The water was quite a distance away, so I’m glad I was able to get the picture.  Sometimes road construction can be a good thing.  Smile
To Amargosa Valley 002
I got a couple more pictures along the way.
To Amargosa Valley 004
To Amargosa Valley 006
To Amargosa Valley 015
There wasn’t much to see except hills and mountains in the distance and sagebrush in the valleys.  Then we came to Beatty, Nevada.  I thought the town had definite character and we stopped at the “Death Valley Nut and Candy Company” to fill up with diesel and stretch our legs.
To Amargosa Valley 041
To Amargosa Valley 042
To Amargosa Valley 043
We only had about 30 miles to go past Beatty, and once back on the road, we were surprised by the sight of a huge sand dune out there by itself in the middle of nowhere!  Sure enough, we passed signs that pointed to “Big Dune” down a little one horse road that we didn’t care to drag the rv down. 
To Amargosa Valley 047
The oddities of nature never cease to amaze me.  I was also surprised to learn there are wild burros in this area and we saw a few in the distance as we travelled.  I had heard of wild horses, but never wild burros. 

Our destination for the day was the Longstreet Hotel, Casino and RV Resort, which also turned out to be OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!  It’s 17 miles off the main highway and is surprisingly large for the area. 
To Amargosa Valley 085
To the right of the main building are pens that house a goat, a couple of burros and a huge cow. 
To Amargosa Valley 076
To Amargosa Valley 078
To Amargosa Valley 079
I took a bag of carrots with me to visit the animals, so I was a big hit with the burros and the goat. 

I walked all around the resort today to get pictures and give you an idea of the great scenery from the RV park.  Behind the hotel/casino is a big pond with lots of ducks (that are apparently spoiled as well) and it’s really pretty.
To Amargosa Valley 066
I’ll just put in the pictures I took today as I browsed around the area.
To Amargosa Valley 087
To Amargosa Valley 069
To Amargosa Valley 070
To Amargosa Valley 071
To Amargosa Valley 073
To Amargosa Valley 074
To Amargosa Valley 075
To Amargosa Valley 086
To Amargosa Valley 090
To Amargosa Valley 093
To Amargosa Valley 094
To Amargosa Valley 096
To Amargosa Valley 099
To Amargosa Valley 101
To Amargosa Valley 107
To Amargosa Valley 111
To Amargosa Valley 120
To Amargosa Valley 124
That’s our RV in the middle of the picture.  How’s that for a view?  I love it!  The only problem around here are the flies!  They are so thick outside that every time the door is opened, we have to go on fly swat patrol for an hour to get them all eliminated inside the RV.  I don’t remember seeing them when we arrived yesterday, so maybe they will thin out later in the day. 

We will be leaving here tomorrow, heading for Las Vegas for tomorrow night, then on down the road the day after.  We are slowly but surely working out way to Oklahoma, so stay tuned for more of our journey!  And in the meantime……


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  1. Wow what a beautiful resort!
    For the flies, I heard you take a ziplock bag, put an inch of water in it, put a few pennies in it and tape it over the doorway and flies won't come in. I have not tried it, but hey it's cheap to try.