DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crawfordsvville, Indiana

Okay, let me see if I can get my 50 something brain to reconstruct from the last post.  I grabbed my cup and headed outside yesterday morning to have my coffee at our picnic table surrounded by nature and fresh morning air, and of course, I took the camera with me. 

I watched the squirrels play and listened to the birds for a few minutes before it was time to get busy with the laundry so we could get back on the road.  We left Cuba around noon and traveled to Effingham, Illinois for our first stay in a Wal Mart parking lot for the night.  We made good time, had a leisurely trip and arrived at our Wal Mart of choice around 5 p.m.  There wasn't much to do since we didn't plan to unhook from the truck or set up, so the steps were unfolded, the slides extended and.........well, that's it.  Since I hadn't slept well at all the previous night and had resorted to taking the dreaded allergy medicine that makes a zombie out of me, I was tired with a capitol T when we arrived.

DeWayne set up the cooling gizmo that he bought for times that we have no A/C for me in the bedroom, put me to bed and made the trip across the parking lot to get provisions.  I had enough of a power nap by the time he returned that I was able (with the help of half a bottle of eye drops) to rally enough to trot off to Cracker Barrel for a good meal with my hubby.  Now, I can count on one hand how many times I've actually eaten anything at Cracker Barrel besides breakfast, cuz in my mind, that's what Cracker Barrel is for  - breakfast - any time of day.  I'm not much on pancakes and never have been, but I'd almost fight a bear for one of their pancakes with maple syrup.  Yummy!  Okay, I'm chasing rabbits here, I know.  Back to the subject, after looking at their newly designed menu with the enticing pictures, I abandoned the breakfast idea and chose their shrimp and grilled catfish.  We (or I, rather) waddled back to the RV, full as a tick.  DeWayne, however, walks three times a day, so the treck back to wally world was a "walk in the park" for him.  And he's always in "power walk" mode, so I get a good workout just trying to keep up. 

He deposited me safely back to the RV so I could take the laptop to the truck and do my farming, facebooking and emailing while he did his 45 minute walk around the parking lot.  By the time we were ready to turn in for the night, we were virtually surrounded by trucks and RV's, all with the same idea.  I had been concerned that I would feel a tad "exposed" in a parking lot, but I didn't have that feeling at all, especially with all the "company" we had around us.  It did occur to me when I stepped out of the shower that I was actually naked in a wal mart parking lot, which would have been very disconcerting if I hadn't been safely behind closed doors.  lol

After breakfast this morning, we were off and running again and heading east toward Indiana.  We passed through St. Louis and I tried to get some pictures of the arch as DeWayne maneuvered thru the traffic.

And then we were crossing the mighty Mississippi:

And before we knew it, we were in Indiana.  I kept looking for the "Welcome to Indiana" sign and had given up when all of a sudden.....there it was!  I grabbed the camera, pointed, shot and this is what I got:

I didn't have time to account for the delay of the the camera after I push the button, so I got the trees BEHIND the sign.  But take my word for it, folks.....we saw that sign, I promise.

The countryside was just beautiful and the further east we drove, the better it got. 

And we saw mile after mile of young corn crops

We turned north toward Crawfordsville and passed thru Greencastle and I fell in love.  We ooo'd and awww'd over house after house with the neatly mowed lawns and landscaping galore.  I gotta hand it to the folks here in Indiana.  They seem to take great pride in the beauty and upkeep of their homes and community.  I felt like we were passing through Mayberry.

Please pardon the reflection of the "dashboard junk" in the windsheild.

We stopped at Wal Mart in Crawfordsville for more groceries then drove the remaining three miles to our destination for the night.

Sugar Creek Campground.  I was impressed with the neatness of the grounds around this sign and was hoping the RV park would prove to be as pretty.  I wasn't disappointed!  It's a beautiful place.

The park and playground area:

And this gorgeous pond:
Our place for the night:

I had yet another wonderful nap after we got set up and settled in, then cooked butterfly pork chops, and opened a can of Bush's grillin beans for our supper.

So here we sit with full bellies, "Afternoon Delight" is playing on the stereo, me with my puter, DeWayne on the exer-cycle reading his book and the world is good.  I'm loving our new lifestyle and can't wait to see what's in store for us tomorrow.  So stay tuned as we "breeze" on down the road and I'll leave you a picture of "Prissy" who I miss so much:

She was my "baby girl" and spoiled rotten.  She and Buster made such beautiful puppies!

That's all folks!  So until tomorrow......


  1. Hello DeWayne and Joy,
    Just started following your blog. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the world.
    Joy, I had to chuckle when reading your feelings about taking a shower in the Walmart parking lot.
    We haven't had that experience yet, but I'll be sure to remember you when that opportunity comes up! We're "as-much-as-we-can-timers" and also have a fifth wheel.

    Save travels to you both.

  2. I was number 700 on the counter! You'll be at # 1000 before you know it!

    Love the pictures you posted!

    Keep those wheels rollin' towards Delaware!

  3. smdrm, thanks for stopping in and sharing our adventure. It's always great to know someone enjoys our blog and gives me feedback. Drop by anytime! I'll leave the light on for ya, lol. And happy trails!


  4. Snookie, I can't wait til Monday when we finally arrive at Bethany Beach! I may not move for a coupla days, lol. I'll give ya a call when we get there and we'll get together for that grocery store tour and any other meanness we can get in to. :)

  5. Whoa....that WAS a long one! I can tell you guys were Blogstreamers at one time! LOL

    Seriously, that was a great post and loved all the pics.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm jealous because I want to be on my way and have to wait but my days a comin' too. Have fun you guys!

  6. Thanks, Connie! Glad you stopped by and I hope your days a comin real soon! Happy Trails!