DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Great 2 Days In The Neighborhood

Yesterday, we had tentative plans with Snookie and Bob to go out on the boardwalk in Rehoboth, but that wouldn't be til in the evening.  So what to do with our day?  Well, that was a no brainer - THE BEACH! DeWayne hit the walking track for a while and I quickly took my shower and ate a fast breakfast, then called Snookie.  She was game for the beach as well, so she came down and all three of us packed the truck with all the essentials and off to the beach we went. 

It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine.  The beach was a little more crowded than the last time we were there, but it was Sunday, so the weekend crowd were still around.  The wind wasn't blowing as much as last time, but the waves were bigger. 

We could hear the surf long before we got over the hill and on to the beach.  We toted all the chairs, cooler, umbrella, camera and bag of essentials such as books that we never looked at, cookies and chips that we hardly touched. 

DeWayne immediately wanted to go in the water, so off he went and I took a million (exaggeration) pictures of him, hoping to get that one good shot of when a big wave crashed into him and he fell on his......well, you know.

It took a while, but patience payed off, so here he is, folks!  Doing the wipe-out:

I was mesmerized by the waves and how they churned up  the sand on the beach as they crested and broke, then turned into white foam that retreated back into the sea.

Snookie and I spent our time talking about books, travel, the local things to see, church, and music.  We did our share of people watching, like when the girls came by or stood on the beach, we would determine if "those" were real or not, if you know what I mean.  And of course there were the women in bikinis that just didn't do them justice, so to speak.  Imagine the Pillsbury dough boy squeezed into a swim suit 4 sizes too small.....can you see it?  All that extra is just hanging over and not in an attractive way, for Pete's sake.  But then there were those young little "thangs" with the perfect bodies that we wanted to throw rocks at.  I believe Snookie mentioned something about them getting run over by a truck?  Surely not.....I must have imagined it....

Now, mind you, we weren't so tacky as to spend all our time judging the women on the beach, but I'd say we spent 75% of our expert criticism in that direction.  The other 25% of our observance duties were spent ogling one of the life guards every time he had occasion to come by.  Yeah, we're so bad!  But no sense wasting good eye candy, right?  Now before anybody gets too judgemental, I have to include that DeWayne did actually contribute to some of the critiquing efforts where the women were concerned, so it was all good.

Every once in a while, a plane would fly over with some sort of advertisement.  I liked this one:

Always time for a good ole Dunkin Donut, don't you agree?  Yummm!!!

Here's a shot that gives you a better idea of the actual size of the waves coming in:

So, we got a few hours in at the beach and made plans to head for the boardwalk after everybody had a chance to get back to our RV's, get showers and something to eat.  I got all dolled up and even put on the jewelry for the first time since we left home.  Then.....

It started raining!!!!! 

So the boardwalk got postponed til another time and DeWayne and I settled for a trip to the grocery store for milk, Mountain Dew and a few other items of importance.  But you know what?  Even going to the grocery store is an adventure for us these days.  We lolly-gag around and just take our time.  It's a different experience since we're both retired, temporarily living in a beach town, and we don't have to suffer through Wal Mart to buy food.  Doesn't take much to entertain us, does it?  And that was the sum of our day yesterday.

DeWayne had made plans to play golf today and I didn't have plans to do anything except whatever suited my fancy at any given moment.  We puttered around the house this morning and he decided to play golf this afternoon, but by 2:00, he had given up the idea entirely and decided to play tomorrow.  We went looking for an RV supply for some gadget that he's needing and ended up at guess where?  Wal Mart!  We picked up a couple of items apiece, then headed home to research the local restaurants for the best one to visit this evening.  We considered the "Rusty Rudder" in Rehoboth, but decided the "Blue Crab" was the place to go since it's only about three blocks from here and was highly rated.  The Blue Crab is located on Garfield Parkway in Bethany Beach and is about two blocks from the beach.  It's kind of a main thoroughfare with shops, restaurants and bars lining both sides with a median down the middle of the street.  I had to get some pictures of the beautiful flowers and trees that are planted in that median.

There was a playground across the street that was being well used at the time.  Kids and parents as well.

And here are a few pictures of what was further down the street toward the beach:

What a beautiful town.  It was getting late, so the pictures were a little dark.  Then it was time to get that meal we were so anxious for, so we made our way to:

It's a great place.  We both ordered Snow Crab legs with corn on the cob and a vegetable medley that consisted of steamed broccolli and carrots.  I rarely drink anything, but there was a special on Blueberry Mojitos, so I just had to try one.  It wasn't bad and I managed to drink half of it.

I had to laugh when I saw this picture because I've had one of my "dry eye" days today and look like I've already had too many.  The drink was good, but didn't hold a candle to a Martguerita.  I love those with a good meal, especially mexican food.  Problem is, it only takes about half of one and I'm looped before the food arrives, lol.  Doesn't take much for me, I'll tell ya!

And speaking of food, our dinner arrived in record time and I couldn't wait to dig into those crab legs:

Now is that a feast, or what?  Is your mouth watering?  Well, DeWayne loves crab as much as I do, so when we were done there was absolutely no more crab meat to be had.  We used forks and fingers and anything else we could think of to get every last tidbit and it was SO GOOD!

Retirement is turning out to be everything I thought it would.  I can't think of anyone I'd rather travel with than my fabulous husband.  He's always up for taking in the sights and trying the local food, so we have a lot in common.  And I enjoy his company, so I'm looking forward to seeing many more places with my favorite guy.  Here he is munching on his crab dinner:

I caught him with a mouthful

So that's been our last two days here in Bethany Beach.  We are making plans to spend a night close to Virginia Beach on the way home for the reunion and I'm looking forward to that.  We both feel like we could live here for the rest of our lives in Bethany Beach, but we both know there are many more places to see and experience that will have the same affect on us, so although we are in no hurry to leave here, we are also anxious to see what's around the next corner of our world.  It's a rough life, but somebody's gotta do it, right?

That's all for now, so I'll treat you to another "puppy pic" before I sign off for another day.

Prissy's pups

Stay tuned for another episode of The Breeze and until then.....HAPPY TRAILS!


  1. Wow!! Those were big waves alright...
    And you and your hubby can have all the sea food in the world and you can even have mine.. Sorry guys not into fish food..
    So your thinking of stopping by Virgina BEach are you.. I know a six foot Blonde that lives there at least I think she lives there ..
    Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

  2. Gloria, I think we know the same blonde, lol. We're planning to at least have coffee with Ms. Six when we breeze through. I know a lot of people that aren't into seafood, but DeWayne and I aren't included. We love the stuff and are looking forward to trying the "blue crab" that are common to this area. They're a little harder to eat than snow or king crab, but what the heck! Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening.