DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

York, PA and Bethany Beach, DE

We left Somerset, PA Sunday afternoon and had decided to change our route to York, PA instead of Harrisburg since the Wal Mart in York had better access to eating joints and such, which is imperative when spending the night in a parking lot.

The camera was charged up, so I took some pictures of the campground as we left:

And once again, we were on the road back to Somerset to get back on the interstate, so this is some of what we saw:

The cemetery above was just so pretty.  There were flower bouquets on every grave and there were hundreds of little American flags.  The picture doesn't give it justice, but it was the best I could do at the time.

Then we were travelling thru Somerset once again and I didn't miss the opportunity to record what I could of this beautiful little town. 

One of my favorite things is beautiful old courthouses and Somerset certainly has one.

We spotted this character outside a Dairy Queen:

And I don't have a clue what this was about, but impressive none the less:

And when I saw this sign, it reminded me that you never really get that far from home.  Nothing like a Texas burger way off in Pennsylvania, right?

Then it was time to get back on the interstate....

Once again on the road, I was able to get this shot of the courthouse from a distance....

Okay, we're making tracks now, cruising down the road, and witnessing some of the most beautiful countryside I've ever seen.  And we passed through four tunnels along the way.  I'll shut up and just let the pictures do the talking, but first, I want to know what this thing is in the first picture.  We've been seeing them for a couple of days and I'm assuming they are some kind of silo, but don't have a clue really.  Looks like a huge boob to me, lol.  Anybody want to enlighten me?

We travelled mile after mile with this beauty outside our windshield, the windows down, and this brilliant blue sky above:

Ya can't beat that, now can ya?

We arrived at Walmart in York, settled in for the night and were up and outta there around nine yesterday morning.  We wound our way through two lane roads at 45 miles an hour for quite a while, passing Amish shops and businesses along the way.  And more of those houses that just look so neat and welcoming.

We passed by beautiful farm land and in a couple of those fields, stood horses hooked to farm implements.  I loved it!  And all of a sudden, we were in Delaware....wooohooo!!  Makin tracks, I tell ya!

At this point, we were around a hundred miles of our final destination.  The trees started to become shorter and the land gradually flattened as we went.  This was a permanent fixture in my lap at this time:

We were heading toward Dover and the GPS was tracking, but sweet "Maybelle" wasn't saying a word.  I dunno....maybe we argued with her one too many times or told her to shut up one too many times.  Or maybe she had PMS or something.  Napping maybe?  Who knows, but by this time, the route was elementary....just follow route 1 to our destination.  We stopped in Dover and I grabbed a burger while DeWayne took his "after lunch" walk in a big parking lot.  Back on the road, I kept the camera handy as we got closer and closer to Bethany.  We passed through Rehoboth and it wasn't hard to figure out that this is a beach town.

We were both shocked to see something we haven't seen in years and didn't think existed anymore:

Yes, that's a real, honest to Pete, GULF station.  Proof they are still around....just not back home.

For those of you that don't know already, I've been communicating with Snookie Quinn, whose blog I began reading a couple of months ago.  She and Bob have been full-timing for three and a half years and have been to many wonderful places.  The Quinn's Awesome Journey
She has been very helpful and is just the nicest person!  Anyway, she and Bob are workamping at an RV park about 4 miles from Bethany Beach, so I took a picture of where they were as we crossed the bridge and passed them on the road:

Now, that's literally a sea of RV's down there!  Just on down the road, we watched for the landmark that would alert us to our destination:  a helicopter suspended in mid-air.  We found it with no problem and I took a picture, but it was just a blur, so I'll have to get another one later on. 


DeWayne entered the gate code and we were now officially "home" for the next three weeks.  And what a beautiful place.  Everything is neat and clean and oh so quiet!  There is only one other RV here and being in a secure facility, we're looking forward to peace and quiet for quite a while!  There is a walking track right in front of the RV and the beach is about a hundred yards away.

I called Snookie as we were pulling into our space and she promised to come over later.  So we got everything set up and I managed to get the floors vacuumed after a week of dirt, dead grass and pebbles from all the places we've been.  The table had to be repaired which wasn't hard and a water hose came apart, which was also an easy fix.  We just had everything in order when I heard a diesel truck outside and knew I was finally about to meet my friend Snookie!  And she was everything I knew she would be....friendly and smiling, full of helpful information and a warm welcome to us newbies.  We walked out on the dock and got some pictures.  Here she is...Snookie herself!

Snookie and Me:

Snookie and DeWayne:

We hung around on the dock for a while, then at the picnic table for a while, then since the temperature was dropping, we moved in to the RV for a while, all the time visiting with Snookie, getting information about the area, and making plans for a tour of Rehoboth, day trips to various places and sampling the local fare.  She has already told us about the sub shop just around the corner.  They apparently have one that has freshly smoked turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce that I'm dying to try!  Yummm! 

So we had a wonderful evening visiting with Snookie who promised to bring Bob along the next time.  We listened to music and played on the computers for a while after she left and was determined to catch up on the blog before I went to bed, but all of a sudden, I couldn't keep my eyes open another minute.  We both went to bed and slept like logs all night.  So I'm doing my "catching up" this morning as we sit here with sun shining, the windows open and a great ocean breeze wafting through.  Time to get my shower so we can get out and about.  We need groceries and I need to do some laundry too, so I'll shut up for now.  I'll be taking more pictures of our surroundings today and will post later.

Here is a picture of "Junior", the sweetest Schnauzer in the world.  I miss you, Junior!

Whew!  That's enough for now.  I'll post again soon, so until then.....HAPPY TRAILS!!!!


  1. That brick structure you didn't know what it is... inside is the sand/salt combination used for the icy roads in the winter time.

  2. Thanks, Snookie for clearing that up. So I guess I can call those a sand/salt silo. Try saying that three times really quick, lol.

  3. Yeppers that is what it is.I guess the closer you get north the more of them you will see.In Bayham Township they had 2 of those (boobs) one for salt and one for sand. Now they have a giant half moon barn which stores the sand and salt.
    Thanks for sharing your journeys with all of us..
    So do you think you are going to make it to Ontario,Canada????
    Stay safe and watch out for the thunder storms that are heading your way.


  4. Thanks, Gloria! I don't know if or when we will make it to Ontario, but I hope so. We will have to get our passports before we can venture into your fine country. When we do, we'll be looking up our friend Gloria, for sure!