DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life’s a Beach

We decided to try a different beach today, so we headed on down to where Snookie and Bob are living for the summer.  They have a beach within walking distance of their RV, so we packed up all the beach essentials and were at Snookie’s house by 1:30. 
Snookie showed me a little about “Live Writer”, which I’m using now to construct my newest post and upload the pictures while DeWayne parked the truck, then we grabbed our stuff and walked to the beach. 
The RV park they are living in this summer is on the other side of the bridge you see in this picture, so we were able to walk under the bridge and straight to the beach.  As you can see, they are working diligently on a new bridge that is going to be huge!
snook's beach 004
We had more wind than usual, but it was warm and the sun was shining, so all was well.  DeWayne planted our umbrella and I quickly planted myself under it. 
snook's beach 016
Notice the chair on the left?  That’s Snookie’s chair.  She’s tanned enough already that she’s able to sit in the sun and not fear a trip to the E.R., unlike me.  If I stayed in the sun as long as she does, I could be served up with a baked potato and salad!
So we settled in for more people watching, reading, gossiping, walking the beach and occasionally getting wet.  The water was really cold, so I only got wet once….that was plenty for me.  And DeWayne tricked me into getting as wet as I did.  He had the plan calculated perfectly to lure me out about ankle deep, then just a tad more….and a tad more, all the while watching for that occasional huge wave to come rolling in, which it did.  All of a sudden, it was chest deep and OMG, IT WAS COLD!!!  I’m proud to say that the maneuver did kind of backfire on Mr. Wiseguy, cuz once the wave had passed, I was the only one still standing.  Hehe…..I love it!
I had to get a picture of my feet to show my “flip-flop tan”. 
snook's beach 022 Yeah, I know you all just live to see my big feet, right?  Okay, I’ll move on.  There was a good crowd of people taking advantage of the sand and surf, so the beach was a colorful place.
snook's beach 003
We watched these guys water boarding for a while
snook's beach 024
snook's beach 020
There were lots of kids in the water.  I’ve decided that kids have an internal thermometer that works better than ours.  They just plow right into that cold water and just keep going back without seeming to mind the temperature.  Was I ever that way?  Probably, but no more!  Brrrrrrrrr….
DeWayne and I were walking the beach and on our way back, we noticed a boy digging in the sand with a shovel.  Then, next to him, we noticed a hole with sand flying out of it periodically, so we had to take a look.  When we got over to where it was, we found this really deep hole in the sand and a little girl sitting at the bottom, just digging away.  It was cute.  DeWayne asked her how far she planned to dig, to China?  She just shrugged and said she was just gonna dig til it was time to leave.  It was so cute and I had to smile.  After getting back to our “spot”, I grabbed the camera and headed back to get a picture of this little girl in her huge hole, but by the time I got there, she had abandoned the hole and was out frolicking in the water.  Oh, to be a kid again. 
Snookie and I had noticed a guy with an easel that we passed on our way to the beach and we both kept glancing that way and wondering what he was painting, so being the dedicated bloggers that we are, we grabbed our cameras and marched right over there.  He was a really nice guy and let us take his picture. 
snook's beach 013
I can’t even draw a straight line, so I can’t even imagine how a person can look at something and paint it on a canvas.  Totally foreign concept to me!  I guess that’s why I’m not a painter, huh?  Oh well, I kinda doubt the guy could whip up a homemade biscuit from scratch, so I guess it’s a good thing we’re not all talented at the same things.  That’s the ticket….I feel better.  :)
One thing we’ve noticed about the beaches we’ve been to here in Delaware is the lack of sea shells.  But I also notice a lack of jelly fish on the beach too.  Apparently, it’s because both are more abundant in more southern, warmer waters.  I do remember an abundance of both when we were at St. Augustine in Florida a couple of years ago.
I don’t know what this is called, but “jetty” comes to mind.  It runs the perimeter of the inlet waterway and outward into the ocean.  It’s obviously a good place to fish from and I had to get a few pictures.
snook's beach 010
snook's beach 038
snook's beach 036
snook's beach 037
It was nice to see and experience a different beach and get to spend more time with Snookie.  We really enjoy her company and find that we have lots to talk and laugh about.  And she’s handy with a camera to boot.
snook's beach 052 Seems we barely got there when it was time to pack up and head home.  We made plans with Snookie to go to Lewes tomorrow to look around town then go to the beach there for the afternoon. 
Then tomorrow evening, she and Bob will be showing us how to eat blue crab.  I can’t wait!  I feel a feast coming on…..oh yeah!
Well, that was our day today.  Let me see if I can find another puppy picture (most of my pics are on the other computer).  Let me see…..ah, there’s one.  Here ya go!
Oh, how I miss those babies!  :)
That’s all folks, so til tomorrow……HAPPY TRAILS!


  1. Thanks, Karen! I sure do miss all those beautiful puppies and fell in love with each and every one. I'm glad you enjoy them too!