DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Let me see where I need to start.  We woke up Tuesday morning (the day after we arrived) with three goals in mind; Number one was to check out the beach just three blocks from where we are parked, two - buy some groceries, and three - get some chairs for a day at the beach that we were planning for the next day.

DeWayne got up earlier than I did, as usual and had his breakfast out of the way before I managed to drag my lazy bones out of bed.  I can't eat as soon as I get out up, so I grabbed my cup of coffee and headed outside to the picnic table to enjoy the fresh morning air.  There is a walking path just a few feet from our door, so DeWayne was able to literally walk out the front door and onto the track for his morning walk.

This a picture of the track from the RV:

After having breakfast and a shower, I took the time to catch up on the blog, then we were ready to take the first drive in over a week without dragging the RV with us and it was a little strange.  Every time we made a right turn, out of habit I would check the mirror to make sure we were clearing the curb.  lol

First stop was the beach which was only three blocks from here.  We found a parking place easily and started our trek over the dunes toward the sound of surf:

Halfway up the hill, we got our first glimpse of water:

And from the top of the dune:

We made a beeline for the water and a nice young lady offered to take our picture.

(Mental note to self:  Don't wear the horizontal stripes any more.  You look like a beached whale).

And as DeWayne visited with the life guard,

I tried to wear out the camera.................

I was in heaven.  There's just no place like the beach, is there?  This was our destination, the place we travelled for nine days to get to......and oh boy, was it ever worth it!

We found the Food Lion and stocked up on what we needed, plus an item that Snookie told us about.  It's called "Scrapple" and it is a breakfast meat that is only available in this area, from what we've heard.  We put it on the grocery list and found it with no problem with plans to cook some and give it a try.  Then it was a trip to K-Mart for the beach chairs and since there were dozens of colors and styles to choose from, it was an easy task.

We made our way back to the RV, ate some lunch and when DeWayne ventured out for his walk, I ventured to the bedroom for a much needed nap.  After nine days of travelling, I was still feeling the "truck lag", so I was out like a light.  I woke up about an hour and a half later to find DeWayne sound asleep in his recliner, so we both caught up on some much needed z's.  We watched "Wild Hogs" (I love that movie), played on the computers and eventually went off to bed.

Yesterday, we checked the weather forecast, which called for wind and thunderstorms, so we cancelled our day at the beach and opted to stick around the RV and get the laundry done. 

I noticed the sounds of activity outside, so I went out to check it out.  The guardsmen were out in the middle of the walking track putting up tents and uncrating equipment, I'm assuming for some kind of training.

And then I heard this coming:

It landed next to the walking track, but didn't stay long before it once again disappeared into the sky.
I was pleasantly surprised to find 10 washers and 10 dryers in great shape, all empty, and all FREE.  I love this place!  I didn't actually have ten loads of laundry, only four.  But it was better than the last place we did the laundry that had four washers with the inevitable one that was "out of order" that cost 1.25 per washer and 1.00 per dryer. 

After the laundry was toted back to the RV and put away, we went looking for seafood.  Snookie recommended Crabby Dick's in Rehoboth, so that's where we went.  We both ordered blackened fish, his was flounder and mine was talapia.  It's the first place I've ever been that served popcorn when they brought our iced tea.  The food was great and we enjoyed it, but later in the evening, I developed a stomach ache for the second time in a week, so I was up wishing for Pepto Bismol til 1:30 this morning.  I finally got to sleep and woke up this morning minus the stomach ache, but still queezy and feeling tired. 

 I tried some toast for a late breakfast and other than the persistant queeziness, didn't experience any ill affects, so we decided to head for the beach for a couple of hours.  We packed the ice chest, grabbed the sun screen, beach towels, umbrella and chairs, put on our swim suits off we went.

The wind was blowing quite a bit at the beach and it was a tad cool, but overall, it was really nice.  We both got in the water, but didn't stay long. The waves were so strong, it was really hard to stand up, but it was really nice to just sit or walk on the beach and enjoy it for a while.  Here's DeWayne taking off for his afternoon walk:

Back at the RV, we showered the salt and sand away, made a pot of coffee, and we headed for the secluded beach here at the RV park which is at what they call the "salt pond", part of an inlet from the ocean.  It's salt water, but much calmer like a lake.  I took my book and a cup of coffee and we quickly found some comfy chairs to settle into for great atmosphere and conversation.  DeWayne came back to the RV and I opted to stay and read a while, but the "quiet" around me was so loud that it was distracting.  My eyes kept wandering away from my book to the peaceful surroundings and the oncoming sunset.  I can't remember how long it's been since I was able to experience such peaceful solitude and it felt so good to just soak up the quiet, the scenery and the warm breeze.  Ahhhh.....what a great evening.

That's about it for the last three days.  We are tentatively planning a trip to Atlantic City on Saturday since there is a blackjack tournament that DeWayne wants to enter.  There is no entry fee, so what the heck.  He could win ten thousand dollars, who knows.

We're also wanting to eat blue crab as soon as we can.  Hopefully, we can manage to get together with Snookie and Bob the next couple of days and do that.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I love crab!

I'm really starting to bore myself, so I'll stop before I put you all to sleep. 

Say hi to "Nelson":

Nelson was one of Prissy and Buster's salt and pepper puppies.  Nelson had two litter mates, both snow white.

Well once again, that's all folks!  I'll post again in a day or two, so until then.....


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