DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, June 28, 2010

Where’s Antonio?

We are still close to Memphis at a Navy facility that is really nice!  In fact, we decided we liked it so much and since DeWayne wants to try out the golf course, we’ve extended our stay until Wednesday.

We’ve done a little maintenance around the house today.  I washed the sheets and then wrestled the “Beast” (that monster mattress) to get the clean ones back on, but oh how I love clean sheets!  It was so pretty today that I was longing to have a place to hang them outside to dry, but short of draping on the picnic table, that just wasn’t gonna happen.

The next thing on my agenda this afternoon was a nice long nap.  Our travel schedule has caught up with me and my body just kept yelling at me to give it some R&R, so that’s just what I did for two hours this afternoon.  And what a great nap it was too!  Ahhhhh.

One more chore on my list for today was to give “Antonio” a bath.  Antonio Moretti is a treasured friend of mine that loves to help me out in the kitchen, along with his cousin Salvador Moretti.  Salvador is usually there strictly for moral support, but he always manages to bring a smile to my face.  The two of them are very close, as this picture indicates.  They are in their usual places in the kitchen.  That’s Antonio on the left and Salvador on the right.
Memphis stuff 022 Oh dear, I see cobwebs!  Egads! 

Anyway, back to my story.  Antonio and Salvador came with us when we left home last month, but after the first stop (Jay, OK), Antonio was nowhere to be found and poor Salvador just looked so sad and lonely.  I looked EVERYWHERE to no avail.  Just how far could he go in such a confined space?  Oh well, I gave it up as an unsolved mystery…….

…….until a few days ago while we were parked at Bluff City, TN and getting ready to pull out.  There Antonio was….lying on the ground by the back bumper of the RV, all dirty and looking like he had been through a wringer.  Poor fella! 

I had suspected where poor Antonio had gone, but hadn’t wanted to put words to my fear.  It turned out that my suspicion was right on target that poor Antonio had fallen off his nail sometime on the road after Jay OK and was unceremoniously gobbled up by the slide-out when we reached our next destination.  He obviously held on in that cramped space for three weeks until he was just as unceremoniously spit out on the ground by the same evil slide-out.  So I scooped my friend up and put him away until the opportunity arose to give him some much needed TLC. 

Now Antonio is all washed and clean, returned to his rightful place close to Salvador and life is good once again. 

The moral to this story?  Don’t leave Antonio hanging out on a nail when Salvador is placed in a drawer for travel.  Now, they will ride together in safety.  And we’ll all be happier.  Oh, and here is Antonio after his much needed bath.
Memphis stuff 021
Good looking fella, huh? 

Okay, so much for my nonsense.  Did I hear a few amens? 

The weather was really nice today, but I looked out after my nap and the sun had disappeared, and DeWayne came in to say he thought it might rain, so I went out to investigate.  Sure enough, we had thunder clouds looming but no rain yet, so I, of course, went looking for the trusty camera again.  Did I mention I love clouds?  Yeah, I did.
Memphis stuff 005
Memphis stuff 001
Memphis stuff 012
Memphis stuff 013
Memphis stuff 014
Memphis stuff 015
It never did rain, but I enjoyed the clouds anyway.  I got a shot of our spot here in the RV park:
Memphis stuff 006
I love our “home” and the fact that our front and back yards can be anything we want.  If we don’t like one, we can just go find another one.  Antonio and Salvador are just a couple of things that make this “home” to me.  One thing I simply wouldn’t part with when we moved into the RV was my Kincaid print that DeWayne gave me our first Christmas together.  It’s one of the “Hometown Memories” series and we both love it.  I think it represents our “Mayberry” that we keep an eye out for as we travel.
Memphis stuff 011
We are looking forward to seeing everybody at the reunion and are anxious to get home for that this weekend.  For those of you that will be there, be sure and bring your smiles, your appetites, and your poker money!  hehe…..

That’s about all I can drag up to write about today, so I’ll sign off for now.  Thanks to all of you that stop by and check out our latest adventures.  I love to share them.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I have any more silly stories or updates.  In the meantime, HAPPY TRAILS!!!


  1. Poor Antonio.... glad you found him again, in time for the trek homeward. I'm assuming you don't speak Italian, and therefore are being spared the meaning of his cuss words over his whole ordeal. ;)

    I love clouds too. Nothing like those dramatic thunder head for making great pictures.

    Ahh, so many memories are being made in this journey! :) ~Susan

  2. Joy that story had me rolling....I tried to read to Jami but kept laughing....I finally finished it after a few minutes!

  3. Susan, Antonio and Salvador don't talk much when I'm around, but I'm sure they have plenty to say when they have the house to themselves, lol. They like to portray themselves as the "strong, silent type", I guess. I'm glad to know you're a fellow cloud lover. I think they are some of God's finest art work.

  4. Jason, I'm glad you got a chuckle out of my story. I get a little carried away with my nonsense once in a while, but what the heck! I don't mind being silly at all, as long as somebody enjoys it. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer so far and we can't wait to see you again!