DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, June 21, 2010

On The Road Again

We didn’t do much of anything yesterday due to the heat until the evening when we made our way over to see Snookie and Bob for a while.  I intended to get there in time to get a picture of the spectacular sunset, but we were to late for the best part of it.  I snapped a picture of what was left of it anyway:
Fort Monroe 001
Still pretty nice, don’t you think?  So we made our way to their RV and sat outside listening to music and talking for a while and the closer the time came to head back to Bethany, the more it hit home to me that we wouldn’t be seeing our new friends again until January in Arizona.  I was a little sad to say goodbye because we have had such a great time with them, but I know our paths will cross again.  I look forward to making many more friends along the way and having many more good times. 
I will miss Bethany Beach and know we’ll be going back, but we were also both anxious to get down the road to next great place to see.  We left this morning around 10:00 and turned south toward Fort Monroe, Virginia.  We saw the southern part of Bethany Beach for the first time and travelled on past more beautiful homes along the way.  I love the colors of the homes around here that so appropriate for a
“beach” setting.

Fort Monroe 002
Fort Monroe 005
Fort Monroe 007
Fort Monroe 018 
Fort Monroe 009
Please excuse the “dashboard reflection” that shows up on so many of my pictures.  On a really sunny day, it’s impossible to avoid unless I’m taking pictures out of the passenger side window.
We drove through several small towns that seemed to have all grown together, then all of a sudden we were in Maryland
Fort Monroe 015
Ocean City was a busy place and definitely catered to the beach crowd.  On the right, we saw one Miniature Golf course after another.
Fort Monroe 011
Fort Monroe 012
Fort Monroe 014
Fort Monroe 016
And on the left, block after block of high rise condos and hotels on the beach:
Fort Monroe 019
Fort Monroe 020
Then there was this building that was an almost blinding orange.  I’d be willing to bet that it glows in the dark!
Fort Monroe 017
Oh, and let’s not forget this next establishment we saw.  I give them an A for standing out.  Who could miss a sign like this?
Fort Monroe 021
Now, that’s what I call a business with a sense of humor. 
We turned west and went inland for a while and the scenery was really pretty. 
Fort Monroe 024
Fort Monroe 025
Doggone that dashboard glare!  Most of the pictures I took along this stretch had to be deleted because of it.  Okay, Snookie, what do you suggest?  I’m thinking of some kind of black rug to stretch along the dash? 
Okay, I’m “chasing rabbits” again, so I’ll get back to the subject at hand.  After travelling a while, we once again crossed another state line into Virginia.  However, I was busy fumbling for something in the back seat and totally missed it!  We figured it out when we passed the “welcome center” for Virginia. 
Before long it was time to cross the Chesapeake Bay, which is done via bridges and tunnels.  Yes, TUNNELS that go down under the ocean so that the ships can pass above.  But first things first…we had to pay for the privilege.
Fort Monroe 026
We drove right up to the toll booth, looked at the price on the sign and looked at each other.  Our toll was $28.00 and I think we came up with $12 cash between us.  And they don’t take debit cards.  So we had to make a U-turn into the rest area where they conveniently have an ATM machine for just such purpose.  I think I heard “highway robbery” a few times during DeWayne’s colorful and lengthy description of just what he thought about the price, plus the fact that there was no prior warning of what the price would be. 
Lesson number 1 learned today?  Keep more cash available in the truck for future such opportunities to support a state.  :)
We immediately found ourselves approaching the bridge which was pretty impressive and so was the Bay:
Fort Monroe 028
We saw ships to the left that seemed to be parked and waiting their turn to pass through the shipping lanes above the tunnels.  It’s hard to make them out in my pictures because of the haze, but you get the general idea.
Fort Monroe 038
Fort Monroe 039
Then we came to the first tunnel and prepared for our trip under the ocean:
Fort Monroe 031
Fort Monroe 033
The tunnel goes down for a while, levels out briefly, then goes back up, allowing enough room for ships to pass over.  I kept my ears peels for anything that sounded like a “scraping noise”, let me tell ya!
Coming out the other side:
Fort Monroe 036
Then it was bridge again for a while before we passed under the other tunnel.  It didn’t take long after that to find ourselves in Virginia Beach, heading for Fort Monroe.  I’m assuming there is a naval base close by because I could tell these were our Navy ships off in the distance and we drew closer to the Fort. Fort Monroe 049
Fort Monroe 050
We took the appropriate exit and soon found ourselves at our destination for the next two days, Fort Monroe, Virginia.  Here is the main gate:
Fort Monroe 057
Just up the road we had to stop for this guy who wanted to see our I.D.s and take a look in the RV:
Fort Monroe 058
Then he sent us on to the next checkpoint where they also wanted to see I.D.s, and the truck registration……..uh oh!  We looked at each other again, both wondering where the heck it was in the RV.  We had to hold up traffic long enough for DeWayne to scoot back to the RV and rummage in the closet for the lock box that he was “pretty sure” contained the registration.  He just brought box and all back to the truck and (luck be with us), there it was….right on top in the box.  Whew!
Lesson number 2 learned today:  Keep truck registration in the glove box for such occasions. 
So finally, all was well and we proceeded slowly down one street then another on the post, passing all the housing, PX, baseball parks and tennis courts til we finally wound our way to the RV park.  I took a couple of pictures out the side window while DeWayne walked to the registration office:
Fort Monroe 060
Fort Monroe 061
The park is called “The Colonies” and DeWayne was told that we would be in the “Georgia” slot.  We passed two or three other “colonies” and quickly found Georgia.  We got the RV parked and set up, but lordy, it was HOT and HUMID outside!  By the time we got set up and the A/C running, all I wanted was something cold to drink and a shower. 
Our slot:
Fort Monroe 062
After a while, I walked in the direction that I knew to be the beach to check it out and get some pictures.  The beach is about 300 yards from the RV and looks to be very nice!
Fort Monroe 064
Fort Monroe 065
That’s a road and a fence running parallel to the beach.  This is the RV park from where I am standing on that road by the beach:
Fort Monroe 068
So we are well within walking distance to the beach and we plan on taking advantage of that! 
This fort is really old and historic.  The original fort is still here and we plan to visit that and the Casemate museum right here on the post.  AND I gotta get some laundry done, so we will be busy while we’re here.  We want to meet a certain six foot blonde, a longtime blog friend that lives in Virginia Beach before we move on. 
So that’s about it for now.  I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I’ll quit while I can still make sense and get this posted.  Tune in tomorrow for more adventures as we “breeze” on down the road.  Until then…..HAPPY TRAILS!

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