DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Billings and Great Falls, Montana

We left Medora, North Dakota Sunday morning for a leisurely drive to Billings, Montana for the night.  We planned to stay in Wal Mart parking lot there, so we took our time.  I took TONS of pictures along the way, so I’ve had a time trying to narrow them down to just a few for the blog without much luck, but I’ll try to contain myself. 

The sky was a brilliant blue and the air was crisp and cool.  I love it!
Billings and Great Falls, MT 001
I keep thinking of the folks back home having to suffer through the stifling heat and feel a little guilty that we are enjoying cooler weather, but I get over it pretty quick.  :)

The scenery was of rocky hills and lush farm land.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 003
Billings and Great Falls, MT 004
Billings and Great Falls, MT 010
Billings and Great Falls, MT 012
We crossed into Montana and I got a fuzzy picture of the sign as we passed.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 013
Billings and Great Falls, MT 019
Billings and Great Falls, MT 021
Billings and Great Falls, MT 022
Lots of wheat…..lots of hay!
Billings and Great Falls, MT 023
Hills, rocks and rivers.  I never knew what we would see around the next bend.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 029
Billings and Great Falls, MT 035
Billings and Great Falls, MT 038
Billings and Great Falls, MT 041
Billings and Great Falls, MT 042
Billings and Great Falls, MT 046
We were travelling parallel to the Yellowstone River for most of the drive to Billings.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 047
Billings and Great Falls, MT 048
Billings and Great Falls, MT 050
Billings and Great Falls, MT 056
Billings and Great Falls, MT 065
I love this country!  We ate our lunch as we travelled and then DeWayne found a rest area to stop for a while, so he could get his afternoon walk done.  I grabbed the camera and walked to the edge of the bluff, very conscious of the sign in the rest area that said, RATTLESNAKES HAVE BEEN OBSERVED!  STAY ON THE SIDEWALKS!  Okay, but I’m from west Texas, for pete’s sake.  I know how to watch for rattlesnakes, so I ventured out into the grassy areas to get better pictures.  No, I didn’t see any snakes and yes, it was worth it!  See for yourself.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 074
Billings and Great Falls, MT 089
Billings and Great Falls, MT 090
DeWayne taking his walk.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 095
Back on the road, I drove for a while so DeWayne could get a power nap and it didn’t take long at all to arrive in Billings.  Since it was around 4 in the afternoon, we did our shopping in Wally world, had some supper and relaxed til bedtime.  The breeze coming in the windows was cool and we stayed comfortable til we went to bed, then utilized the cover all night as the temperature dropped to 53 degrees.

I had my usual “Wal Mart Parking Lot Insomnia”, so although I was comfortable, it took FOREVER to get to sleep, then I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep.  So just hauled my butt out of bed and put the percolator on the stove for coffee.  I love good ole fashioned percolated coffee and the heat from the stove helped to take a little of the chill out of the RV. 

After breakfast, we loaded up and got ready to hit the road again.  It was still chilly when we climbed in the truck, so I knew the flip flops weren’t gonna cut it at least for a while.  DeWayne laughed at my choice of footwear, but doggone it, my toes were frozen!
Billings and Great Falls, MT 106
Quite a fashion statement, wouldn’t you say?  hehe

I was feeling my lack of sleep, so I spent most the trip to Great Falls “trying” to get a nap, but I have as much trouble sleeping in a moving vehicle as I do in Wal Mart parking lot.  But I was reclined and comfortable, so I didn’t take many pictures.  DeWayne got a shot of the field of windmills that were huge as he tried to drive at the same time.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 111
Billings and Great Falls, MT 114
I’ll share the few pictures that I shot between nap attempts.
Billings and Great Falls, MT 121
Billings and Great Falls, MT 142
Billings and Great Falls, MT 133
Billings and Great Falls, MT 131
We made really good time and arrived in Great Falls just after noon on Monday.  We planned to stay at Malmstrom Air Force Base in one of their Fam Camps and preferred to stay in the one just outside the main gate, but it was full.  So we are in the Fam Camp that is inside the base, but it’s only costing us $12.75 a day and we like it. 

*Note to Snookie:  I actually bought carrots in Billings so that I could feed the horses by the other Fam Camp, but since we’ll have to go there do do the laundry, I’ll be sure those carrots don’t go to waste.

I like to take pictures from the bedroom window to give everybody an idea of our “view”, so here is our view looks like this morning.
Bedroom window Great Falls 001
Bedroom window Great Falls 002
My butt was dragging about half a mile behind me all day yesterday and I think I had a case of “truck lag”, but we ventured out yesterday afternoon in search of the local Wal Mart for supplies and decided to check out the Goodwill store and a pawn shop to buy used DVDs.  We found six movies for three dollars apiece, so we did good! 

And DeWayne found a nifty gizmo that holds 50 CDs or DVDs for $1.99 Goodwill, so he has now taken all our movies out of the cases and organized them in his new gizmo that takes up way less space.  The thing looked brand new, so I looked it up on the net and they sell for $39.99, so that was a great find.  My husband the power shopper!

I got a phone call from cousin Rick this morning and as usual, had a blast talking with him.  I hope we get an opportunity to visit with him and Pam soon.  Love em!

We don’t have any plans for today except just chill out and enjoy the great weather.  Laundry day is tomorrow and we still have national parks and such all around to see.

Well, that’s all the news and I’m anxious to get on with the “chillin”, so I’ll sign off for a coupla days.  In the meantime……



  1. Wonderful countryside. Where can I get some of those great shoes? Glad you guys are having a blast. Keep Chillin and carry a big stick for the smakes!

  2. I've been reading backwards on your blog....I doubt I'll be able to catch up with ya'll. It kind of makes me appreciate America again. Seems I rarely get out of town these days...Thanks for letting me live vicariously! Tell DeWayne I love his "Moondust" poem.