DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Chillin’……Literally!

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a capitol B!  It was a great day to open all the windows and front door for a nice breeze.  We had no plans to speak of, so DeWayne put on some music.  After the dishes were done and I got a shower, I made my way outside with a good book to just hang out in the fresh air.

I had a hard time concentrating on the book since my eyes kept wandering to the rolling hills in the distance and watching a farmer way off in the distance going back and forth in a field of hay in some type of farm implement.  It was so far away that it just looked like a toy going up over the hill, disappearing for a while, to reappear again coming the other direction back over the hill. 

I was content to just listen to the music coming out the door of the RV and watch the scenery and activity around me.  Tom opted to join DeWayne on his afternoon walk, so once in a while, they would walk by in their rotation and I could hear their conversation and laughter until they walked out of earshot. 

Tracy came over with her laptop, ready to post to her blog using our Verizon gizmo and that didn’t take long at all.  We visited for a while and decided to “pot luck” the evening meal, so she and Tom came back later with steak, salad and a vegetable medley while I made chicken fried steak, gravy and green beans.  Wow, did we eat good! 

It started raining, complete with thunder and lightning as we ate, then it continued to rain off and on as we just sat around the RV with full bellies, laughing and talking.  It was going to be their last night here in the RV park since they had decided to move on down the road today, so we were glad to have an opportunity to spend more time with them and make plans to meet up with them again in our travels.  We all called it a night with plans to see them again this morning before they left. 

DeWayne and I decided after breakfast this morning that we needed to re-level the RV since we plan to be here another three weeks and it was leaning a little, so while we were in the process of that, the Dales drove up to let us know they were staying another day and were heading out to run some errands.  We were glad they would be here another day and I think all four of us had the idea that we would do something together today, but all day, either they were gone somewhere, I was napping, or we were gone somewhere, so that we didn’t all get together again until tonight.  DeWayne and I went to their RV and visited a little while, but before we went over, I noticed the full moon at dusk and had to get a picture.
RV park and moon 011
The temperature has been about 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday and the wind has been blowing more, so by this evening, we had on jackets or sweatshirts when we ventured outside.  The low temperature tonight is supposed to be 43, so we may be utilizing the central heat before the night is over.

We are signed up for the canoe trip tomorrow evening, so we’re looking forward to that, then I think DeWayne will be playing golf on Wednesday.  There are still lots of day trips we plan to take, so we will most likely do some of that this week also. 

That’s all the news for now, so I’ll sign off once again.  Tune in again, but in the meantime…..


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