DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Food and Folks

Daddy and Eula arrived Sunday afternoon, right on schedule.  They called when they were about five miles away, so we were outside waiting to greet them when they finally pulled into the driveway:
Racine and folks 020
Racine and folks 022
They made the trip in two days and I heard Daddy saying something about “saddle sore” when he was emerging from the truck
Racine and folks 023
It was time for hello hugs, handshakes and grins all around.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, these folks are mighty popular in the family.
Racine and folks 024
Racine and folks 027
Racine and folks 029
DeWayne had a phone call, so he was a little late for the welcoming party, but he made it:
Racine and folks 016
And, of course, “Sweetie Pie” (Sheila’s Dog) had to get in on the action and was a big hit:
Racine and folks 017
Racine and folks 025
It’s Tuesday now and we’ve had lots of time to visit with the folks and eat a lot more of Sheila’s good cooking.  The weather is still gorgeous here although it has been a tad humid the last couple of days, but with temperatures in the low to middle 80’s, who’s complaining?  We made our way into Milwaukee yesterday evening and had a great meal at a Mexican restaurant, but I can't remember the name of it.

Sheila drove Daddy, Eula and I around today to the local nursery to look at plants and trees, then to “Hobo’s” which is kind of an “overstock” type place with lots of tools, household goods, etc.  I didn’t find a thing I couldn’t live without, but did find some “Jack Link’s” baked ham nuggets that were interesting.  Since I hadn’t had lunch, I decided to try some and they weren’t bad at all!  Kinda like ham jerky for 50 cents a bag. 

Sheila says that all the road construction has to take place in the summer around here because the ground freezes in the winter, so everywhere we drove, we saw this:
shopping 001
Construction everywhere!  It makes for slower commuting, but I guess they have to do the work when they can.

From Hobo’s, we went to the place that Sheila had been telling us about……the carpeted grocery store! 
shopping 007
shopping 008
It’s called “Sendiks Food Market” and is SUPER NICE!  They don’t just have an adequate supply of things, no sir.  They have whole sections devoted to just cheese or meat or bread.  There were isles and isles of just candy:
shopping 012
The bread section:
shopping 011
Meat and Seafood galore!
shopping 010
Wine and liquor:
shopping 009
And then there was the produce!  Oh my gosh, it was all too pretty to buy!  Just look at these green onions resting on a bed of ice:
shopping 014
Now this is my kind of produce!
shopping 013
shopping 015
We all picked up a couple of items, but had a great time just looking around and enjoying such a nice store.  Wal Mart, eat your heart out!  What a wonderful change from the chain store monopoly!

By this time, we were all shopped out and ready to head back to Sheila’s house.  We found DeWayne busy mowing the lawn and Basil came home from work soon after.  We’ve all had our dinner and settled into our favorite chairs for the evening.  Life is good here in Racine and we will miss it when we move on, which we’re scheduled to do on Sunday.
Basil has promised to cook tenderloin on the grill tomorrow night and Sheila is doing the baked potatoes and salad (complete with her home made bacon bits and croutons), so my mouth is watering already!

So that’s all the news right now.  We’re just taking one slow and easy day at a time and loving every minute of it.  Who knows what we’ll get ourselves into before we leave here, but whatever it is, I’ll be sure to take the camera along.  As I told Sheila while snapping the pictures in the market today, “I’ll blog about anything”.  Groceries today…..who knows what tomorrow will bring!  :)

So tune in later for another episode of “Taking Racine By Storm”, but in the meantime, everybody try to stay cool in this awful heat wave and……..


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  1. Hey, you said this was a ACTIVE JOURNAL of your post since the 3rd...what are you up to??? Inquiring minds want to know.