DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What A Small World!

The Dale’s are here!
If you haven’t looked at my list of blogs that I follow, scroll down on the right side of the page and you will see The Dale's Trails (Tracy and Tom).  I’ve been following their blog for months and they are also good friends of Snookie and Bob of The Quinn's Awesome Journey.

I knew they were ending their Alaska trip and were in Canada, but hadn’t checked their blog for a few days, so I wasn’t sure where they were.  Snookie sent me an email after reading my blog to let me know that Tracy and Tom might be here also, so I pulled up their last blog posting which put them north of us at Glacier National Park, but that was Monday and it was now Wednesday.

Snookie and I emailed back and forth, then I got one from her that said she thought the Dale’s were here at the AFB, but didn’t know which FamCamp.  I knew the other FamCamp was full, so I went to the bedroom to look out the window at the motorhome parked across from us to see if it looked like theirs and I saw Tracy walking down the road with her cell phone to her ear!  I knew she had to be talking to Snookie and I knew she was out looking for us, so I was headed for the door when she knocked on it. 

She is every bit as friendly as I imagined and we did some fast visiting outside before the storm clouds rolled in and it started lightning.  So DeWayne and I plan to get acquainted with her and Tom today, and look forward to getting to know them and visiting with them about their travels to Alaska. 

Here is a picture of Tracy and Tom that I copied from their blog:
The Dales
We’re meeting some really great people out here on the road thanks to the internet and a network of blogs about the full-timing lifestyle.  What a great life!

Other than being anxious to visit with the Dales, our biggest goal today is to get the laundry done.  We decided last night that we will probably stay here for a month and just see all the surrounding sights on day trips, so we have plenty of time.

The weather is beautiful here in Great Falls, so I’m ready to get my breakfast, a shower, and get outside to enjoy the morning air!  So, tune in again for another exciting episode of “The Breeze”.  In the meantime…….


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