DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, August 9, 2010

Leaving Racine, Heading West

First of all, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister Pam!  I hope you had a great day today and we love you!

We had planned to leisurely leave around noon yesterday, so we stayed up late Saturday night watching a movie and went to bed with the intention of sleeping in on Sunday.  So much for the best laid plans…

DeWayne woke me up to let me know it was raining and we needed to try and get the RV pulled out of the yard as soon as we could so we wouldn’t do a lot of damage and leave big ruts in Sheila’s lawn. 

I by-passed a shower, ate a quick few bites, threw some clothes on and began the arduous task of cleaning up, putting away, and cinching down in a mad rush, but we got it done in record time and before I knew it, the RV was hooked up, pulled out and parked on the curb, ready to climb into and leave.

Daddy and Eula were loading up and trying to hit the road back to Texas at the same time, so we all ended up standing out in the rain and giving last minute “I love you’s”, “be carefuls”, “be sure to calls”, and of course those last hugs and kisses. 

I have to say that it was really hard to climb in that truck and leave them all behind and I will miss them SOOOO much!  But I was also ready to head out for new adventures and places to see, so I was an emotional mess when we pulled away from there.

Thank you Sheila and Basil for sharing your home with us for two glorious weeks in a beautiful place!  We love you and can’t wait to see you in Georgia!

Thank you Daddy and Eula for making the visit so very special by being there with us for a week!  It was an added treat to see you for just a little longer before we take off for parts unknown.  Love you!

Our trip yesterday was pretty uneventful and most of the pictures I took were so hazy that I was really disappointed.  The country is beautiful but we notices subtle changes as we made our way west from Racine. 

The rain let up and we saw blue sky soon after we cleared Milwaukee
Osseo, Wisconsin 003
I tried to get a few pictures of the ever-present farms with their red barns and silos.  So picturesque!
Osseo, Wisconsin 010
And the gorgeous countryside!

Osseo, Wisconsin 027
Osseo, Wisconsin 008
We started seeing some rock formations along the way that were interesting.
Osseo, Wisconsin 023
Osseo, Wisconsin 024
Osseo, Wisconsin 021
We stopped at a rest area to stretch our legs and give our bladders a much need break and found this sign about “Passenger Pigeons” that was interesting.  I never heard of these before!
Osseo, Wisconsin 030
It was a beautiful rest area!
Osseo, Wisconsin 028
Osseo, Wisconsin 029
Osseo, Wisconsin 033
Back the road, we exited Interstate 94 onto Highway 12, a little road that would take us to our reserved destination for the night, which was in Fairchild, Wisconsin.  Another great photo opportunity, for sure!
Osseo, Wisconsin 045
Osseo, Wisconsin 051
Osseo, Wisconsin 081

You can imagine our shock when we drove onto this sign on hwy 12!!!!!!:
Osseo, Wisconsin 039
This a REAL CAMPGROUND right there on Highway 12!  I didn’t get pictures of the really high fences around the place, but they were there……thank goodness.  And NO, this was NOT our designated RV park for the night.
Osseo, Wisconsin 040
Before long, we came to a halt and had to turn around because a bridge was out on Highway 12, so we went back to the interstate to travel another 10 miles to another exit that would take us back to Highway 12 (past the bridge outage). 

This detour took us through a little place called “Alma Center” and we were both in awe of this little community of 440.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Now is this Mayberry, or what?
Osseo, Wisconsin 055
Osseo, Wisconsin 056
Osseo, Wisconsin 057
Osseo, Wisconsin 058
Wow!  I could live there!

We finally made it to Fairchild and found the RV park where we had reserved a space.  Although it looked nice from the road, we quickly figured out that we DID NOT want to stay.  First of all, our designated slot was still occupied by some buy with a camper and about a dozen ATV’s.  It was ATV heaven in that park, let me tell ya!  When we pulled up via a super narrow road that had low hanging trees that we had to drive around and we stopped in front of slot number 18, folks started coming out of RVs that looked like they had been there for a long time and they all seemed to think we were some kind of aliens of something, the way they were staring. 

I had that “deliverance” feeling.  Ya know the one that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck?  Well, after a brief, but fruitless attempt to get into yet another slot with not much luck, we just loaded up and left! 

Off we went down a different highway toward Osseo, Wisconsin that was just a few miles down the road.  After consulting the internet and making a phone call, we were directed to a SUPER nice RV park right here in Osseo, where we still are.
Osseo, Wisconsin 088
Beautiful place!  And all the amenities you can imagine!  There are horse shoe pits, miniature golf, a pool, a restaurant, on and on….we love it here! 
Osseo, Wisconsin 089
Osseo, Wisconsin 091
So we’re just chilling out here in this nice place.  DeWayne has pork chops on the grill outside and I have the potatoes in the microwave as I try to get this blog caught up once and for all.   I look forward to a great meal with a great guy and probably watch a movie later.

We will be leaving here tomorrow and heading toward Detroit Lakes, Minnesota for tomorrow night, then on to Bismarck North Dakota for two days, where my wonderful niece lives.  Stacy, here we come, Darlin!  Can’t wait to see you!

Whew, I’m finally caught up on all the news, so I’ll get this posted and dig into that pork chop!  I’ll post again in a few days, but in the meantime…..


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