DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Saturday, August 21, 2010


After I had a chance to meet Tracy on Wednesday, we were anxious to meet Tom, so we made our way over to their motor home on Thursday for “how do ya do’s” and “glad to meet ya’s”, since they hadn’t met DeWayne either.  It was amazing how we all just fell into talking like old friends and did that for at least a couple of hours.  We liked them immediately and looked forward to spending more time with them. 

We spent the rest of the day doing laundry and running errands, then DeWayne cooked on the grill for our supper.  We watched “Fargo”, then called it a night.

I got a message from Tracy yesterday morning that there would be a Multi Cultural Event going on across the street from the RV park from 11:00 am til 3:00 pm and there would be food, so we made plans to attend the event with her and Tom.  We decided to wait til around 1:00, so they went looking for the museum in town and I spent the morning cleaning and straightening around the house.

When we made our way across the street, there was still a sizeable crowd and we could smell the aroma of various foods being cooked.
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 001 
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 002
There were several booths set up that represented the Native American, African American, Indian, German and other cultures.  It was educational and we were able to sample foods from some of those cultures.  I sampled the bratwurst from one booth, blackeyed peas, cornbread and peach crumble from another and got a bite of DeWayne’s fried bread from another.  It didn’t take long with all the “samples” to be full as a tick! 
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 003
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 004
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 008
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 016
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 015
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 019
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 006
Then the entertainment started.  There was belly dancers up first, but I guess I was too busy eating to get a picture of them.  Then the Native American dances began.
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 012
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 013
There were some Karate demonstrations up next, but I missed those too, then the Puerto Rican dancers put on a show dancing between those moving bars. 
Multi-Culture Festival great falls 023
By this time, we’d seen and sampled about everything there, so we all waddled back to the RVs and made plans to get back together for dinner out at a local Mexican Food restaurant. 

I took a nap in the afternoon, then we all made our way to the restaurant for a good meal.  Being used to the “Tex-Mex” style of Mexican food, we found it different, but tasty.  It certainly wasn’t “Papa Poblano’s”, but we didn’t leave too much on the plate, either.  We sat and visited long after the meal was over, made our way to the parking lot and visited some more before we eventually loaded up and headed home.

We had such a great time with Tracy and Tom and it was still early, so we made our way to their place to visit some more.  Our plan was to sit around outside, but the mosquitoes had a different plan in mind, so we quickly moved inside their beautiful motor home and made ourselves at home.  The guys had a beer while Tracy made iced tea with Peach Schnapps for us girls.  Oh wow, it was delicious, so we eventually had seconds.  Yummy!

So we all talked each other’s heads off til late, then we said our good nights and DeWayne and I made our way back to the RV and to bed.  What a great time we had with our new friends.

This morning, I slept until 9:00 and DeWayne was already getting his walk in when I got up.  He stopped by the RV in the middle of his walk for a bathroom break and said that “our Alaska neighbors left this morning”, and I was in shock.  We had just seen Tom and Tracy last night and they hadn’t mentioned anything about pulling out this morning, so I told DeWayne they may have gotten an opportunity to move to the other FamCamp here at the AFB since it has a laundry and WiFi.  I checked my phone for messages and the computer for emails or messages from Tracy and…….nothing. 

For two hours, I waited and wondered why they would just pull up stakes so suddenly and move on and was considering calling them to see when I looked out the kitchen window and thought I could see the back of their motor home right where it was yesterday.  So I asked DeWayne if he was SURE it was the Dales that he saw pulling out this morning? 

Boy, did I feel stupid when he said, “No, I was talking about the motor home with the Alaska plates that was parked next to us last night”.  But boy, was I relieved!  I had been totally bummed out for two hours because I thought our new friends had jumped up and R.U.N.N.O.F.T!!! lol

Okay, I felt much better!  And sure enough, they were still there.  They had offered to take us with them to the commissary since we don’t have those privileges, so we teamed up today to do that.  Wow, we were blown away by the prices in there!  Lots of items we picked up were half what we would pay in Wal Mart, so we did a good job of stocking up, for sure!  It was so nice of Tom and Tracy to give us an opportunity to save some money. 

DeWayne and I had planned on doing something tonight that we’ve never done in the nine years we’ve been married……go dancing.  And we asked the Dales if they would like to go and they agreed, so we parted company after the commissary with plans to go “boot scootin” this evening at the local “Flamingo”.  I have been a little draggy today, so I was looking forward to being out with friends, but wasn’t all that sure I was up to a rousing night of dancing or the noise of the dance hall.  Tom came over about an hour before we were going to leave to say they were a little tired and were going to pass after all, so when DeWayne asked me if I really felt like going out, I had to say no. 

Sooooooo…….we didn’t go anywhere tonight and are just chilling out here at the house.  Feels good, too!

We’ve signed up for a canoe trip down the river on Tuesday evening that we’re really looking forward to.  It’s part of the Air Force Base recreation program, along with other things that are offered to the RV’ers.  We get to leave around 5 in the afternoon, take our supper with us, and just take our time down the river, taking in the sights and fresh air.  I’m not sure yet if Tracy and Tom have signed up, but they were talking about it, so I hope so. 

There are so many places close by that we want to see, and the FamCamp hosts and helpful folks on the base just keep telling us about more and more to see, so we plan to stay busy, but not rushed to see everything. 

We don’t have plans for tomorrow yet, but we’ll play it by ear.  Whatever suits our fancy, we’ll just jump in the truck and go do.  Or not….whatever makes us happy.  I LOVE RETIREMENT, can you tell? 

That’s all the news, so this happy camper will sign off for now.  Tune in again real soon for another episode of “The Breeze” and until then…..

Happy Trails!

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