DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday Night Food, Friends and Dancing!

After our Milwaukee outing, Sheila decided on pizza and buffalo wings for supper.  Their friends Tina and Barry came over for the evening and we all got busy cooking, visiting and listening to music. 

Tina and “Bear”:
Reunion and HoDown 078
And then the music got the better of all of us, so before we knew it, we were having impromptu dances.  Basil decided to take mother-in-law for a spin, so they “cut a rug” for a while.
Reunion and HoDown 047
Reunion and HoDown 048
Then he decided the tennis shoes he was wearing just weren’t conducive to dancing, so he donned his boots to dance a jig with Sheila.
Reunion and HoDown 060
Daddy and Eula couldn’t sit still for the next one.
Reunion and HoDown 062
Reunion and HoDown 064
And we had to get into the action as well….
Reunion and HoDown 068
Reunion and HoDown 072
Reunion and HoDown 066

We ate pizza and chicken……and played some poker.
Reunion and HoDown 077
Reunion and HoDown 075
Reunion and HoDown 076
I think DeWayne came out the biggest winner of the evening.  I’m not sure……I just know it definitely wasn’t me!

Oh well, we all had a great time partying right there at home with good friends, great family, and wonderful food! 

That was our Friday.  I concentrated on getting the laundry done on Saturday since we were due to pull out around noon on Sunday.  Eula, Sheila and I checked out a couple of local nurseries and gift shops that didn’t take long to see, but that was the extent of our Saturday.

I’ll stop this post now and start another to post so I will be caught up, so keep checking for the latest!  I’m determined to get it all caught up today.  :)

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