DeWayne and Joy

DeWayne and Joy

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Friday in Milwaukee

Basil took Friday off, so we all decided to to visit the public markets in downtown Milwaukee.  We all loaded up in Basil’s truck and away we went.  It didn’t take long to get there and I can’t remember the names of either of the markets we went to, but here we are entering the first of the two we visited.
Milwaukee 010
Wow, what a neat place!  There was every kind of grocery item or prepared food that you could wish for:
Milwaukee 011
Milwaukee 012
Milwaukee 013
Milwaukee 014
The above is the selection of Gelato…(Italian Ice Cream)..they had sooooo many to choose from.  Eula sampled the Tiramisu flavor and decided she needed a couple of scoops.  I think I sampled the orange flavor and it was so good!
Milwaukee 015
Produce galore!
Milwaukee 016
And bread, of course.  These loaves were humongous!
Milwaukee 017
I had bought a coffee, so when I was taking the bread picture, I was steadying the camera with the palm of the hand that I was holding coffee with and poured it all down the front of me….grrrrrr!  DeWayne is always saying he can’t take me anywhere…..

So, wearing my coffee, I moved on to the seafood section.
Milwaukee 021
And the salad section.
Milwaukee 022
And then I spotted this that I found interesting.  I’d never seen anything like this…it’s apparently some kind of beer:
Milwaukee 019
And across the isle were the “Cokes” in the glass bottles that I haven’t seen in years.
Milwaukee 020
We left and went a few blocks to another public market and I snapped as many pictures of downtown Milwaukee as I could get.
Milwaukee 007
Milwaukee 009
Milwaukee 024
Milwaukee 026
Milwaukee 027 Milwaukee 028
Milwaukee 037 Milwaukee 036
We made it to the other market where the parking was under a busy highway.
Milwaukee 043-1
*Notice the incredibly good lookin guy in the blue shirt…..hubba hubba!

It was lunch time, so the market was pretty busy.  Most were there to buy their lunch which could have been just about anything!  Here are some pictures from the upper level looking down.
Milwaukee 046
Milwaukee 047
Milwaukee 048
We browsed their huge cheese section and sampled cheese curds of different flavors.  Of course, we all had to buy some!  DeWayne and I each bought cheddar curds but he got the cajun flavor while I got the jalapeno flavor.  Yummy!

They also sold award winning cheeses, but at an award winning price!  I had to get a picture of some of the prices!
Milwaukee 044
In case you can’t see them, the prices left to right are $24.99, $32.99, $24.99, $30.99!!!!!  Uh, we didn’t buy any of these.

Armed with our new purchases, we left and made our way back “home” and we passed close enough to Lake Michigan for me to catch a picture.  I think that’s a ferry in the distance.
Milwaukee 055
There are so many beautiful homes in that area and we took a different route back home, so I took a sample of what we saw along the way.
Milwaukee 061
Milwaukee 063
Milwaukee 062
And I had to get a shot of the clouds!  I can’t pass that up, ya know!
Milwaukee 056
And then we were back to “home sweet home” and all ready for a cup of coffee or a cold one.
Milwaukee 068
Ahhhhh…..time to put the feet up! And for me to change out of my "coffee t-shirt" into something else that I could later spill pizza sauce on.....

I've decided to buy stock in "Spray N Wash"

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